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About Sapphire...

I write erotic and sweet paranormal romance, though I also have written erotic urban fantasy and a couple of erotic horror stories, "Jack" which was in a magazine and the novella, Unwitting Sacrifice, published by Under the Moon in both eBook and paperback.

I am happily married and owned by two cats. I also write non-erotic genre fiction and nonfiction under the name Pamela K. Kinney. You can find out more about that name at Pamela K. Kinney's Website.

I am a member of Romance Writers of America. I am also a member of the local chapter of Virginia Romance Writers and of the RWA chapter, Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal.

I am serious about my craft, hence joining these fine organizations.

Besides writing paranormal romance, I also read it and you can friend me at Phelan  and follow me at Pinterest.